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Rebuilding a Lexus IS250 AWD with a clear title

In this video we will start working on a new build. It is a 2012 Lexus IS250 AWD and it is a Texas car. It still has a clear title despite being a total loss, it is rust free and I happen to know a guy with a lot of the parts we will need to fix it. Given all that, it made sense to buy this car. It was hit in the rear and has a bit of unusual damage. Let’s dive into it and see how much we can get done today.

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Youtube Serwis Toyoty i Lexusa to gwarancja doskonałej kondycji samochodu oraz Twojego bezpieczeństwa. Dla wyspecjalizowanego warsztatu naprawa samochodu marki Toyota to nie problem w Warszawie. Dzwoń do naszych specjalistów w Warszawie. Nasza firma naprawia samochody serwisujemy auta spalinowe, serwis samochodów hybrydowych, naprawa aut diesel, mechanika samochodowa dla aut Toyota w Warszawie.

43 thoughts on “Rebuilding a Lexus IS250 AWD with a clear title

  1. I recently was rear ended badly and had this exact impact on my car the insurance wrote it off as totaled and wrote me a check I absolutely loved that is250 and still do 🙌🏽RIP but I will continue to watch the rebuild series keep it up🦍🔥

  2. Re rust comments: discovered a few months ago that the '22 Sienna has non magnetic, presumably aluminum rear hatch, hood and both sliding doors. The driver/passenger doors are magnetic.

  3. of course they lie… that's how they market their cars like if they are the only superior car in the planet and the rest are stupid… Japanese cars are not great at all… Korea cars are beating their ass off now and US made cars are good as well…

  4. Ironic that you say that AWD is kinda rare here in Texas. I purchased a 22 kia Sorento hybrid AWD S model and I just took what they had…..I was astonished that it had AWD….like why…this is Texas. I just bought another 22 hybrid Honda CR-V touring and the stupid thing has freaking AWD…..I'm like…why!!????

  5. In a way that's minimal damage there could be much more damage in the bottom of the trunk but there's no damage in the middle of the bottom of the trunk so in a sense I would say it's really not that bad

  6. Yes. You can rebuild them.
    it won t be the same . It won t have the same level of safety.
    If you bend a piece of metal 10 times, it will break
    If you bend it “only” once, it will look fine—— but it won t be the same.
    I hope it is clear

  7. I owned one from 2006 darker titanium color, my son drives it now, still looks sharp and the engine is strong, just rear leg rooms a bit tight, other than that it's a Lexus product alright 👍

  8. it's what they call a repairable write-off. As long as the chassis isn't cracked it severely twisted, it's alright.
    handling glass without gloves is plain stupid. texas stupid

  9. Bought the wife a 12 sport awd 250 was hit almost like that with 80k miles already fixed clean title SC for 6k. Sweat ride don't need to worry about anything besides maintenance.

  10. 4:56 just say exhaust hangers no need to make up stupid names for car parts.
    The car was made in Japan so all the bolts on it will be metric, not imperial.
    Won't be watching again because you are a moron.

  11. Dude, you do have to wear some protection when work with glass. Its not for you, its for your viewers. Someone can go and work on glass with protection and harm themselves. Not everyone is as experienced or careful

  12. What i see on YouTube; Lexus is pretty popular in the US. Here in Holland you see them, but not as much as BMW/Audi/Benz. More German(and lots of French) cars here.
    But i believe it's a good car, only the design…😂

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